Sunday, October 3, 2010


This weekend's project; A L.W.D. for my daughter. After watching Pride and Prejudice I was inspired to make this little garment from a remnant of jersey embroidered with a little flower which I embellished a little with silver thread on the bodice only.

The ribbon is kinda recycled from two pieces of crochet ribbon ripped from a previous project and a lenght of silver ribbon previously used to tie a Christmas present I joined them together with a basic zig zag stitch.

The sleeve design is similar to one on a dress worn by Keira Knightly in the film. I also decided on an empire line for the same reason.

Now that I am happy with my pattern maybe I will make a full lenght version watch this space :)


  1. Thank you for stopping by Haby G :)

    I love how you have combined the two ribbons - what a fantastic idea!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! I love it! Kellie xx

  3. It looks amazing. Well done. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.